Our Company

Aeon Laser Canada is affiliated with CanCam CNC Machines Ltd, located in Newcastle, Ontario. Since 2012, our company has provided the latest products and superior support to our customers. We believe that Aeon lasers are among the best machines we have worked with and can’t wait to show you why!

Whether you’re looking for a laser engraver or cutter, you’ll find precision machines that offer impressive speeds.

If you are a large enterprise, educational institution, small business, a mompreneur or a hobbyist, we have a machine for you… to cut or engrave any number of materials you may use in your manufacturing process.

Up in Class, Down in Price

Our low prices ensure your system is paid off in no time – regardless of the size of your business. Our Low Prices do not sacrifice quality.

Aeon/CanCam only offers the most trusted, quality brands in the CNC industry. This ensures the quality of your system, designed with a sturdy frame, precise motion components, and quality electronics. All Aeon/CanCam systems are solid machines built to work.

All Aeon/CanCam machines are CSA (as accredited by the Standards Council of Canada) or UL certified.

Aeon offers CNC laser cutters and engravers that come in various working envelopes and are easy to use. Fast, precise and fun too! You can cut acrylic, plastics, MDF, wood, engrave on aluminum and more.