Our Co2 Laser Machines

Whether you are looking to take your business to the next level with a more efficient and versatile laser cutter, or are simply looking to get started with a high-quality laser engraver machine from the get-go, an Aeon laser is a solid choice that is sure to make your life easier and your creations higher-quality. By choosing Aeon Laser Canada, you can be confident that you are not only getting a high-quality Aeon laser machine but also feel assured that required adjustments have been made to meet Canadian electrical requirements and CSA standards, something other laser machine suppliers may not do.

Find your Aeon laser cutter with help from the experts who are dedicated to helping you with selecting the machine and ongoing support. Here at Aeon Laser Canada we have the laser cutting machine that you’ve been dreaming of. Let us help you choose the right laser engraving machine for your needs, and you can look forward to free startup training, unlimited lifetime email and phone support, and a one-year factory warranty with your purchase to get you started with confidence. With more than 10 years of experience, we are your trusted source for the best laser cutting and engraving machines in the Canadian market.

An Aeon Nova series laser engraving machine is ideal for larger businesses with ample workspace that also require the ability to work with larger material sizes. Due to their speed, Nova series lasers can help you keep up with demand and produce more, faster. With the all-in-one industry leading CleanPack technology features such as a built-in water chiller, exhaust fan, and air assist pump, you can keep your workspace free of clutter. This model is also capable of being broken down into two pieces in order to fit through standard doorways and hallways. Additional features such as a scrap drawer also help to keep production tidy and efficient.

This CNC laser cutter can cut up to 0.75” wood thickness and has the ability to reach scan speeds of up to 2000 mm/sec. Despite the Nova’s larger size, it is also capable of quality engraving similarly to the Mira series.

Some tech features we are proud to showcase are a red dot pointer built into the laser engraving path making it easy to set your starting position. The autofocus comes in handy when you are adjusting the bed height for a variety of material thicknesses as you change from project to project. The front and rear pass through doors provide the advantage of placing oversized materials on the laser cutter. Built in rotary plug to utilize rotary lathes and rotary rollers for tumblers add additional functionality that makes your life easier.

When looking for a laser engraver, the Aeon Nova series is a top pick for businesses that create in high volume.

When looking for a compact yet powerful laser engraver the Aeon Mira Series is a fantastic choice. Suitable for smaller workshops, the Mira series can do it all without crowding your space. The Mira series allows creators to produce products faster and with exceptional engraving detail. A Mira series Aeon laser engraver is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive all-in-one CleanPack solution that simplifies your setup with an integrated water-cooling system, exhaust fan, and air assist pump, all contained within a compact yet powerful machine. This desktop laser cutter is one of the fastest in its class, the Mira can achieve 5G of acceleration to reach scan speeds of up to 1200 mm/sec and cutting speeds of up to 680 mm/sec. Saving you time and allowing you to make more money.

The same tech features found in the Nova series are included in Mira series lasers including a red dot pointer built into the laser engraving path that makes it easy to set your starting position. The same autofocus feature also comes in handy when you are adjusting the bed height for a variety of material thicknesses. The front pass through door provides the advantage of placing oversized materials on the laser cutter and just like the Nova series, Mira series lasers include Built in rotary plug to utilize rotary lathes and rotary rollers for tumblers to simplify your process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lasers

Your Aeon CO2 laser engraver from Aeon Laser Canada is versatile and can be used with a large selection of material types to create products such as tumblers, signs, coasters, paper products and more. It is important to keep in mind that any materials containing chlorine, vinyl, PVC, metals and polycarbonate materials are not suitable for use with your Aeon laser machine. If you are planning on working with cylindrical materials such as tumblers or mugs, note that you will also need appropriate rotary attachments to allow for these types of materials.

Knowing which Aeon laser model to choose can be a tough call, and ultimately, the unique needs of your business are the best way to determine which machine is the right fit. Nova series machines are ideal for those who need to work with larger materials or demand larger-scale production with an emphasis on cutting ability in most cases. Mira series machines are perfect for those who operate in a more confined space and desire intricate detail. At Aeon Laser Canada, we have more than 10 years of experience helping hobbyists and business owners take their production to the next level and would be pleased to assist you in choosing the right laser machine for your needs. Connect with us to discuss your requirements and let us support you in making an informed choice.

When looking to purchase an Aeon laser, price is often a top consideration. Thankfully, Aeon laser cutting machines come in a variety of price ranges to suit both performance needs and budget. Laser cutting machines from Aeon Canada start at $7500. Keep in mind that your Aeon Laser from Aeon Laser Canada comes fully equipped with features such as water cooling systems, exhaust fans and air pumps, red dot pointer, the ability to increase or decrease laser tube wattage, two tables, allowing you to save both money and space by combining the products you need all in one convenient package.

Customers with home-based businesses sometimes wonder if it is possible to keep their Aeon laser machine in their garage. Though this may seem like an attractive option, it is possible but you have to keep the room temperature above 12c.. All laser machines house water for cooling, it can freeze in the winter and crack your glass laser tube, and other issues may arise due to the cold climate. A temperature-controlled workshop with minimal dust is the best place for your CNC laser machine. If space is an issue, Mira series lasers are well-suited to small spaces and work well in home-based workshops such as basements with the ability to vent out a window or into a HEPA exhaust fume filtration system that we offer.