If you are looking for a laser cutter to keep up with the demands of your ever-expanding business, an Aeon Elite Nova Laser is the one for you. Do more, faster with exceptional speed from your Nova laser cutter. By making the switch to a more powerful and capable laser cutter, you can look forward to increasing your capacity and improving your productivity. Buy a laser that allows you to work with larger materials and unlock new possibilities.

An Aeon Elite Nova series laser is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Choose this model of laser cutter to make cutting through thicker material a breeze while enjoying pass-through capabilities. With an all-in-one design, Nova series lasers make your life easier while optimizing your processes. Look forward to Aeon’s clean-pack design and eliminate the need for ancillary products with a built-in water chiller, exhaust fan, and air pump. Nova series lasers can help you reach your potential. Find your Nova laser cutter for sale with the experts at Aeon Laser Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lasers

The possibilities are endless when you have a fast and powerful laser cutter. Jewelry, signs, paper products, personalized tumblers, toys and décor items can all be created with your Nova series laser. Used as a CNC etcher, laser cutter, or laser engraving machine, you can work with wood, aluminum, plastic, leather, and more. Unlock your potential and expand your creativity with a powerful CNC laser cutter.

When it comes time to expand your production and take your business to the next level, the ability to work with larger materials is invaluable. A Nova Series laser improves your processes with pass-through capabilities that speed up production. Find your Nova Series laser with a Nova 10, Nova 13, Nova 14, or Nova 16 laser.

Nova series lasers are significantly larger than entry-level lasers and may not be suitable for those who operate in small spaces. Dedicated workshop space is ideal when utilizing a Nova laser cutter. If you are looking for a desktop laser that offers exceptional speeds and detail, a Mira series laser may be better suited to your needs.