If you’ve been creating with an entry-level laser and are quickly outgrowing its capabilities, making the move to a Mira series laser cutting machine is a smart move. Ditch your slow laser and unlock possibilities with a desktop laser cutter that can keep up with demand. A great option for hobbyists and mompreneurs looking to take their business to the next level, a Mira series laser cutter helps you to unlock your potential.

By choosing an Aeon Mira laser, you can enjoy fine detail for laser engraving and laser cutting. Ideal for working with materials such as plastic, wood, leather, and aluminum, the possibilities for creation are endless. Choosing an Aeon Mira will also help to improve your productivity and streamline your process with its clean-pack design, built-in water chiller, exhaust fan, and air pump. Get ready to reach your potential and find your CNC laser for sale at Aeon Laser Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lasers

Mira Series lasers make it easy to work with cylindrical materials when paired with a rotary attachment. Personalize Yeti® tumblers with your laser engraver and unlock creativity with glass etching. Your Mira laser makes it possible to create the products your customers are asking for with exceptional detail and precision.

If your workspace is located within your residence, an Aeon Mira could be the perfect option for you. Mira lasers are capable of fitting within smaller spaces such as bedrooms and residential workshops. A compact yet powerful option, upgrading to a Mira laser will help to take your business or hobby to the next level. Find the Mira 5, Mira 7, or Mira 9 laser for sale that is right for you.

Mira lasers are capable of cutting with fine detail and precision, but it may not be ideal for you if you want to work with larger or thicker materials. For commercial needs, a Nova Series laser may be more suitable as it can work with thicker materials and has pass-through capabilities for large materials.