Can you laser engrave on wood? You absolutely can! In fact, wood is one of the most popular material choices for laser engraving. A versatile and beautiful material choice, there is so much that you can do with wood. When learning how to make the most of your CNC laser engraver, you might have some questions about what it does best. If you’ve wanted to know more about how to laser engrave wood at home or in your workshop, the experts at Aeon Laser Canada can help.

At Aeon Laser Canada, we provide our customers with high-quality lasers that make it possible to create with ease. With lifetime phone and email support, we are always available to help you make the most of your laser. We are often asked by our customers, how do you laser engrave on wood? In this post, we outline the basics of laser engraving wood materials and help you get ready to make the most of using your laser.

How to Laser Engrave Wood

When learning how to laser engrave wood, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is what type of products you are planning to create. Having the right sized laser can make it easier to achieve your desired results, and knowing what you intend to create is the first step towards choosing the laser that is right for you. Aeon lasers are a perfect choice for makers of all types. For small or home-based workshops, Mira Series laser can help you to create beautiful wood products with precision. In comparison, larger workshops may find the Nova Series lasers to be ideal for their speed.

Once you’ve found the laser model that is right for you, engraving on wood is as simple as turning on your laser, creating a design through your chosen software, and then letting the laser do its thing. If you’re wondering how to laser engrave a photo on wood or other design, the process remains the same. Though there can be a learning curve when it comes to getting started with your laser, the experts at Aeon Laser Canada are here to offer support and help you make the most of your CNC laser etching machine.

Can You Laser Engrave on Painted Wood?

Laser engraving on wood of all types is possible with your laser. This includes wood that has been painted or stained. You’ll want to avoid painted wood that gives off fumes, and always be sure to work with dried materials. However, painting or staining wood does not prevent you from engraving the material.

Can Burn Marks Be Avoided When Laser Engraving Wood?

Signs, crafts, home décor, and gifts can all be made through laser engraving of wood. Yet, for some makers, the process of learning how to laser engrave wood without burning it can sometimes feel like a challenge. Thankfully there are things you can do to avoid burn marks while engraving wood. Adjusting the power and speed of your laser can help to optimize results when engraving wood or products such as tape or coatings can be applied to prevent burn marks. Getting the hang of your laser and achieving the desired results may take time, so don’t get discouraged when mistakes happen.

Is a CNC Laser also Good for Cutting Wood?

If you’ve started out with laser engraving and want to try a new type of project, you may wonder, can a laser engraver cut wood too? Your Aeon laser engraver is versatile enough to offer both etching and cutting abilities. Unlock your creative potential by tying new design ideas and creating new products. Though the thickness of the material always needs to be considered, your laser will be able to cut and engrave wood.

The process of learning how to use your laser takes time. Though with practice and support, you’ll be able to create beautiful pieces. If you’re looking to upgrade your laser or are considering starting a side business, see our post, Yes, You Can Make Money with a Laser Engraver!, and get ready to love the process of creating.