If you are a hobbyist or small business owner who has recently purchased or is considering the purchase of a laser engraving machine, you’ve likely got questions. Learning how to use a laser engraver can be a process, and establishing your expectations surrounding what you can make and how much time it will take to do it is important so that you can make the most of your laser.

If you are looking to upgrade your laser or buy a high-quality laser engraver from the start, the experts at Aeon Laser Canada can help. As your top choice when looking for a laser engraver for sale, we are committed to helping you understand the capabilities of laser engravers and empower you to choose a laser that meets the expectations of your business. In this post, we outline factors you should consider when looking into how long it takes to complete a laser engraving project.

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How Long Does Laser Engraving Take?

If you are looking into purchasing a laser engraver and want to know how long does laser engraving take, the answer will depend on a variety of factors. Having a clear vision of what you intend to make and the volume in which you wish to make it can help you make a smart decision when buying a laser for your business.

The type and size of material being engraved, the complexity of the project, and the power of your laser engraving machine can all impact how long a project takes to complete. In general, laser engraving is a relatively swift process and can range anywhere from a few seconds for simple designs to several hours for more complex and detailed work, with many of the variables being entirely up to you. As an example a full wrap on a Yeti mug would be around 3 minutes, a small engraving of 2×2″ would be around 30-60 seconds. Engraving on wood is very fast but again all dependent on size and the look you are going for.

Always keep in mind that not all materials engrave at the same speed and know that the complexity and size of your project will always be top factors that can impact how long a project will take.

What Type of Laser is Best for a Commercial or Home-Based Workshop?

When it comes to choosing a laser that can complete the projects you want to work on quickly, choosing a high-quality laser engraver is essential. At Aeon Laser Canada, we can help you to determine which laser is best suited to your workspace and usage needs. Generally speaking. Mira Series Lasers are ideal for home-based workshops, while Elite Nova Series lasers are ideal for large workshops that require larger volume capacity or work with larger materials.

When exploring the idea of a new laser engraving machine for your business, making the move to a professional laser is always a smart choice. Contact us today and let us guide you in finding the ideal laser based on the size and production needs of your workspace.