Making the switch to a more powerful and efficient 60W laser engraver can help you to increase your productivity and expand your product offering. Whether you are a mompreneur or an advanced hobbyist, a faster, more powerful, and more precise laser can unlock creative possibilities and save you time. When looking for a 60W laser cutter or engraver, you’ll want to connect with the experts at Aeon Laser Canada. Typically you would choose the 60W if you want to cut material in and around the ¼” range and have extremely fine detail.
We are dedicated to providing you with the high-quality 60W laser cutting machine you’ve been dreaming of, paired with the support you need to use it successfully. Get free setup training, unlimited email and phone support, and a 1-year factory warranty when you choose us as your CNC machine supplier. You’re going to love your new laser engraver or cutter from Aeon.

What Makes an Aeon Laser Your Best Option When Looking for a 60W Co2 Laser?

If you’re searching for the best 60W Co2 laser cutter, an Aeon laser is a smart choice. With a simplified all-in-one design, you’ll streamline your workspace and eliminate the need for extra accessories. Look forward to experiencing its “Clean-Pack” design with water cooling, exhaust fan, and air pump conveniently integrated into the laser cabinet. A Mira Series laser is sure to be a top choice when looking to upgrade to a 60w co2 laser engraver cutting machine.

What Projects Can Be Completed with a 60W Co2 Laser Cutter?

A 60W laser cutter makes it possible to create a variety of products and is the ideal choice for home-based crafters and those looking for a laser engraver for hobbyists. Look forward to creating popular options such as laser-cut signs, engraved mugs and other laser crafts. The possibilities are endless when you upgrade your laser. The 60W laser is really great at showcasing contrast in the engraving process which makes the 60W a good choice for anodized aluminum or engraving on wood as an example.

What Materials Can Be Used with a 60W Co2 Laser Engraver?

A 60W Co2 laser cutter or engraver can be used with a variety of material options. Some of the most popular material choices include glass, fabric, wood, and acrylic materials. With a rotary attachment, you can also work on cylindrical materials to engrave mugs or tumblers.

How to Start a Laser Engraving Business

Compact, versatile, and fast… the Mira Series laser engravers offer a powerful, comprehensive solution for those who have limited space. Create more with this fast laser that provides exceptional detail for engraving and cutting. With a ‘Clean-Pack’ integrated water-cooling system, exhaust fan and air assist pump, you’ll get the performance you need. When looking for a laser engraver Canada business owners who demand excellence know the Mira Series is an exceptional choice. Find your Mira Series laser engraver at Aeon Laser Canada and get the lifetime email and phone support you need to be successful.


Nova Series laser engravers are designed and made for those who need the highest speed performance and/or require the ability to work with larger materials due to the rear pass-through door on the rear of the machine. The Nova is cleverly designed to be able to come apart into two pieces allowing for the CNC laser cutter to fit through standard doorways. The Nova series is a preferred choice for business owners who produce at high capacity and need a laser that can keep up with their production needs. With advanced design features, including an incorporated water chiller, exhaust fan, air pump and knife table with a scrap drawer to keep your workspace clean as you work, these features are why the Nova Series is the CO2 laser engraver Canada business owners covet. Get your Nova Series laser engraver from Aeon Laser Canada for the best warranty and lifetime customer support.