About Our CO2 Engraving & Etching Machines

Have you been creating beautiful etched products for years as a mompreneur or other home entrepreneur and want to upgrade your CNC etcher? Or, maybe you are a successful small business owner looking to ramp up production? Whatever you use your CNC etcher for, replacing it with a CNC laser etching machine that meets your quality and performance expectations is essential. At Aeon Laser Canada, we make it simple to source a CNC etcher that checks all the boxes and makes creating easier. Get the most value and increased performance by choosing an Aeon CNC etching machine with a cleanpack design with integrated water-cooling systems, exhaust fans, air pumps and more, all included.

With more than 10 years of experience, we are proud to bring you the high-quality Aeon CO2 laser etching machine that you’ve been dreaming of. By choosing a CNC etching machine from Aeon Laser Canada, you will enjoy creating your high-value, quality products. Our QA process ensures your machine meets CSA standards and Canadian electrical requirements, a step others don’t always take. Find your next CNC etching machine and take your craft to the next level. Experience the power of an Aeon laser etching machine.

Materials You Use to Create with Your Aeon CNC Etcher

An Aeon CNC laser etching machine is ideal for making a wide range of product types and is compatible with a large variety of materials. Whether you stick to one type of material and focus on your niche or find yourself changing up your material selection often, your Aeon CNC laser etching machine is designed to work with many materials. Whether you get creative with acrylic and wood, or branch out with something new like etching on leather, your Aeon laser etching machine has that built in flexibility.

Materials You Use to Create with Your Aeon CNC Etcher

There are endless possibilities for creativity when it comes to your Aeon CNC laser etching machine. As capable as you are, your Aeon CNC etcher can keep up… You can look forward to making signs with precision, making intricate wood designs as well as custom-designed tumblers using your Aeon CNC machine with a rotary attachment or Pi Burn. This CNC laser etcher can also work with other materials, including glass etching, plastic etching, leather, etc. Know that when you choose Aeon Laser Canada, you’ll be supported with learning the capabilities of your machine and lifetime email and phone support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Laser Etching & Engraving Machines

Knowing which Aeon laser etching machine is right for you is not hard, it depends if you are a commercial business or hobbyist, whether you are space limited or not, or the type and size of material you use. Before deciding which machine is right for you, take the time to consider your unique needs. Commercial businesses that have ample space to house their machine may find the Nova series to be their best option as it is capable of producing at a larger volume and material sizes. Hobbyists or small business owners may turn to the Mira series for its compact size and ability to produce fine detail for smaller projects. You cannot go wrong with either option; however, knowing the type and size of material you plan to work with is key when determining which machine is best for you. Turn to the Mira series for smaller projects and Nova series for larger projects.

One of the top reasons to upgrade to an Aeon laser etcher over continuing to use an introductory laser cutter is to increase your productivity. Aeon lasers are faster than introductory laser cutting machines allowing you to take your production to the next level. With an all-in-one design, your turnkey system streamlines your operational process by combining water cooling system, air assist pump or exhaust fan into the system’s design. You don’t need to source different parts for you etching production.

Tumblers are a sought-after product for many consumers, and with an Aeon CNC etching machine, you can make exactly what your customers have been asking for. The Aeon Mira 7 could be an ideal choice for those looking to create with cylindrical objects as it offers room for a adding rotary attachment and offers an active cooling system suitable for extensive machine usage. Etching cylindrical materials is easy with a Pi Burn rotary attachment that can be bought with your Aeon laser machine.

At Aeon Laser Canada, we are proud to share our extensive knowledge with you. Included with your purchase is a free startup training session and unlimited email and phone support. We look forward to helping you learn how to use your machine and bring to life the products and designs you love to create.