If you are a mompreneur or small business owner that has been using a laser engraver to create wood, acrylic, or even plastic products, you may be wondering, can a Co2 laser engrave metal too? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that it is possible to engrave metal with a laser engraver. However, there are some things you’ll need to know before getting started with laser engraving of metal.

At Aeon Laser Canada, we provide our customers with high-quality laser engraver machines paired with the support they need to use them effectively. In this post, we cover the basics of engraving metal with a Co2 laser to help you expand your creativity. View our tips below and get ready to unlock even more possibilities with your laser engraver.

How to Laser Engrave Metal

If you’re looking to expand on your laser engraving capabilities, you may wonder, can you laser engrave metal? Though the answer to this question is yes, it is not quite as straightforward as other material types, such as wood or plastic. Metal materials can reflect the light from your laser, making it difficult to engrave them effectively, thankfully there are some things you can do to increase your success. Here are our top tips for learning how to engrave metal with laser engraving machines.

  • Select Coated Metal – though there are products available to make engraving metal with a laser engraver easier, you might want to consider starting out with coated materials such as coated aluminum. Laser engraved Yeti style tumblers are just one example of a product you can try out as they are laser engraver friendly.
  • Practice Your Technique – learning how to laser engrave on metal can take some trial and error. Consider testing your intended material and practicing your technique to improve your chances of success with laser engraving.

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Can All Laser Engravers Engrave Metal?

If you are looking to purchase a laser engraver and primarily wish to work with metal materials it is natural to wonder how strong of a laser to engrave metal will be needed. Though most types of Co2 lasers can accommodate engraving of coated metal, having a more powerful laser can increase your productivity and precision.

When looking to upgrade from an entry-level laser, knowing what laser can engrave metal is essential. You’ll be pleased to know that both the Aeon Mira series and Aeon Nova Series can accommodate metal material. Knowing which laser is right for you will depend on your unique needs, including your workshop space and the materials you intend to use. Speak with the experts at Aeon Laser Canada for more information on choosing a laser engraving machine.

Does Power Matter When It Comes to Engraving Metal?

If you’ve tried engraving metal with an introductory level laser with poor results, you may wonder, what power laser to engrave metal is required for effectiveness? Power capabilities and wattage matter when choosing a laser engraver for metal projects. So, how many watts for a laser to engrave metal is adequate? You’ll need a laser that is at least 40 W for best results. Keep in mind that lower-powered lasers won’t cut metal and will only offer engraving capabilities.

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What Types of Metal Products Can I Make with a Laser Engraver?

When looking into how to engrave metal with a Co2 laser, you’ll want to consider the products you intend to make. Laser engravers can help you to make a variety of metal products including signs, tumblers, bottles, and flasks to name a few.

Get started with your laser engraver with confidence from the start by choosing a laser engraving machine from the experts at Aeon Laser Canada. We look forward to helping you boost your productivity and unlock creativity with a high-quality laser engraving machine.