There’s no doubt that there is a learning curve when you first get your laser engraving machine. From understanding the capabilities of the machine to getting the hang of creating products you love, you’ll certainly enjoy the process of learning what your laser can do. Engraving wood and metal products are one of the most popular uses for a CNC laser. Yet achieving the desired look of a finished product can sometimes feel challenging for less experienced makers.

At Aeon Laser Canada, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the support they need to use their laser engraver effectively. We understand that you want to make the most out of your laser. That’s why we offer free setup training and lifetime phone and email support. In this post, we offer helpful tips for learning how to make laser engraving darker on both wood and metal products.

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How to Darken Laser Engraving on Wood

When it comes to the engraving of wood materials, there are a variety of techniques you may wish to try to achieve your desired finish. When looking to learn how to darken laser engraving on wood, many makers try treating wood either before or after engraving to enhance the appearance of the engraving. It can take some trial and error to determine which method is ideal for your product.

When looking to achieve a dark black appearance, treating wood with solutions such as water and borax or baking soda before engraving can be helpful. Other makers find that using products designed to enhance appearance after engraving is ideal. It may be worthwhile to try a variety of methods to learn which one is most favourable to you.

How to Darken Laser Engraving on Metal

When it comes to laser engraving metal products such as YETI® tumblers or water bottles, the engraving technique can play a role in how dark the finished product will be. Getting support with learning how to effectively use your laser will go a long way towards helping you achieve your desired looks. When looking into how to darken laser engraving on metal, using a coated material or applying an anodized marking spray will also help to achieve engraving that is deep and dark enough.

Creating a beautiful finished product is simple when you have a powerful and efficient laser, paired with the support you need to use it effectively. If you are considering upgrading to a more powerful laser, you’ll want to consider an Aeon Mira series or Elite Nova series CNC laser.

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