About Our CO2 Cutting Machines

Desktop laser cutters have made it possible for everyday small businesses and entrepreneurs to create exceptional products from home-based businesses and for these businesses to shine when creating products consumers can’t get enough of. When you are looking to upgrade your quality or increase production capabilities, finding laser cutting machines that are fast, efficient and versatile is essential. At Aeon Laser Canada, we take the guesswork out of finding the best laser cutters and bring you the high-quality CO2 laser cutter that you’ve been dreaming of.

At Aeon Laser Canada, we are your top choice when looking to buy a desktop laser cutter Canada wide. With more than 10 years of experience, we bring you the high-quality CO2 CNC laser cutter you’ve been wishing for, and we take the extra steps to ensure your laser cutting machine meets CSA standards and Canadian electrical requirements. With the added bonus of free setup training, unlimited email and phone support, and a 1-year factory warranty, you can feel assured that Aeon Canada is the premier source for a laser cutter engraver Canada wide.

Materials You Use to Create with Your Aeon CNC Etcher

When you are considering upgrading to an Aeon laser cutting machine, knowing that the product you wish to use is compatible is essential. Aeon laser cutters make it easy to focus on your niche or to help you branch out with new possibilities as it allows for a large selection of material choices to be used. Acrylics, wood, fabrics and even some types of rubber can be used with your Aeon laser cutter. If you are working with larger material sizes, the Nova series could be an ideal option for you, while the Mira series might be the perfect choice for those completing smaller scale products on smaller material sizes that still require efficiency and precision.

Materials You Use to Create with Your Aeon CNC Etcher

A CO2 laser cutting machine makes it possible to create sharp lines and intricate designs for custom products. There are truly limitless options when it comes to what can be created with an Aeon laser cutting machine. Home-based entrepreneurs and small business owners alike have created beautiful decorative signs, intricate paper products such as wedding invitations and even jewelry with their CNC CO2 laser cutting machine. With a multitude of materials suitable for use with your Aeon CO2 cutting machine, the possibilities are never-ending, and creativity can flow seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Laser Cutting Machines

If you are looking to upgrade to a faster, more powerful and capable laser cutting machine, an Aeon laser cutter needs to be a top consideration. With an all-in-one design, choosing an Aeon laser means you’ll eliminate the need to buy additional accessories. Faster than introductory level laser cutters, Aeon lasers take your production capabilities to the next level and increase productivity. Mira and Nova series laser machines offer endless possibilities, and there is sure to be a CNC laser that best suits your entrepreneurial and business needs.

Knowing which Aeon laser model is best suited to your needs can be a tough call as, at a glance, all machines appear to complete the same task. Though it is accurate that all Aeon laser machines can do the same task, the size of the material and the amount of detail required by the user is a top consideration when choosing a machine. Larger businesses may turn to the Nova series to speed up production and allow for larger materials to be used. Smaller businesses with less workshop space may find the Mira series to be the best option as it fits in their space and can provide beautiful accuracy and detail. Overall, your unique needs determine which machine is right for you. At Aeon Laser Canada we are here to help you make the best choice.

Be sure to understand the size of your machine and your intended workspace when choosing a CNC laser, smaller workshops may find Mira series machines to be ideal for both operational costs and also being a favorable size.

Aeon laser cutting machines are surprisingly efficient and won’t excessively run up electrical operating costs. Costs of operating your laser cutting machine will vary based on how frequently you use it; however, using your Aeon laser cutting machine is comparable to running a dishwasher when considering electrical usage.

Aeon Laser Canada makes the process of upgrading to a laser cutter simple. In addition to our 1 year warranty, we offer complimentary startup training and unlimited phone and email support to help you know how to use your Aeon laser cutter effectively. We are more than just your source for an Aeon laser cutter and look forward to offering your ongoing support.