The Aeon Elite Nova 10 is ideal for commercial businesses looking to increase productivity and streamline processes. By choosing an Elite Nova 10 laser, you can look forward to an all-in-one design that makes working with large materials simple. Improve your workspace with Aeon’s clean-pack design, built-in water cooling, exhaust fan, and air pump. Increase productivity and unlock your potential with this exceptional CNC laser cutting machine.

Work with a variety of materials, such as wood, acrylic, leather, and granite, with your Aeon Elite Nova 10. Take your business to the next level with commercial laser cutting capabilities. The Elite Nova 10 price makes making it a smart choice for any growing business.

Standard laser Wattage 75W
Max Acceleration Speed 1.8G
Net Weight 390Kg
Net Packed Weight 470Kg
Voltage 110v
Rated Power 1905W (+Laser Tube)
max scanning precision 4000 DPI
Cooling Method Laser Head External air pump
Cooling Method (Co2 Glass Tube) 5000/5200 chiller, 7L
AutoFocus Included
Red Dot Positioning Beam combiner
Control Panel Keypad & LCD display
Compatible operating systems Windows & Mac
Co2 Glass Tube 75W~150W, RECI 75W~150W
RF Metal Tube RF Tube 30W(air cooling), 40W~100W (water cooled) Davi Laser, 40W~100W Iradion made in USA (Available in NEW NOVAs)
Ceramic Tube 40-100W Iradion made in the USA
Other Compatible Software CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software
Graphic Format Supported DSP/PLT/BMP/DXF/AI/DWG