Horizontal Processing Envelope 39.37 inch x 27.55 inch
Vertical Processing Envelope 7.87 inch
Machine Footprint without stand 50.98 inch * 59.84 inch * 44.29 inch
Cutting Thickness 0-1.18 inch (depends on different materials)
Engraving Speed 39.37 inch/s
Crate Size 57.87 * 63.77 * 48.81 inch
Minimum Font Size 0.03 inch x 0.03 inch
Positioning Accuracy <=0.00039 inch
Fume Port Size 5.90 inch
Horizontal Processing Envelope 1000 x 700 mm
Vertical Processing Envelope 200 mm
Machine Footprint without stand 1295 * 1520 * 1125 mm
Cutting Thickness 0-30 mm (depends on different materials)
Engraving Speed 1000mm/s
Crate Size 1470 * 1620 *1240 mm
Minimum Font Size 1.0 x 1.0 mm
Positioning Accuracy <=0.01 mm
Fume Port Size 150 mm
Standard laser Wattage 80W
Max Acceleration Speed 1.8G
Net Weight 390Kg
Net Packed Weight 470Kg
Voltage 110v
Rated Power 1905W (+Laser Tube)
max scanning precision 4000 DPI
Cooling Method Laser Head External air pump
Cooling Method (Co2 Glass Tube) 5000/5200 chiller, 7L
AutoFocus Included
Red Dot Positioning Beam combiner
Control Panel Keypad & LCD display
Compatible operating systems Windows & Mac
Co2 Glass Tube 80W~150W, RECI 75W~150W
RF Metal Tube RF Tube 30W(air cooling), 40W~100W (water cooled) Davi Laser, 40W~100W Iradion made in USA (Available in NEW NOVAs)
Ceramic Tube 40-100W Iradion made in the USA
Other Compatible Software CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software
Graphic Format Supported DSP/PLT/BMP/DXF/AI/DWG