Your Content Goes HereUpgrading to an Aeon Elite Nova 14 is a smart move for businesses looking to expand their capacity and improve productivity. With its all-in-one design, your Elite Nova 14 laser simplifies your processes allowing you to focus on what matters most. Take production to the next level with Aeon’s clean-pack design, built-in water cooling, exhaust fan, and air pump. Unlock your business’s potential with a laser cutting machine that lets you do more, faster.

An Aeon Elite Nova 14 makes it simple to work with a variety of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, and aluminum. With pass-through functionality and the ability to work with larger and thicker materials, you can unlock increased productivity. With the Elite Nova 14 price you can feel assured you’re making a smart investment for your businesses.

Standard laser Wattage 100W
Max Acceleration Speed 1.8G
Net Weight 450Kg
Net Packed Weight 540Kg
Voltage 110v
Rated Power 1905W (+Laser Tube)
max scanning precision 4000 DPI
Cooling Method Laser Head External air pump
Cooling Method (Co2 Glass Tube) 5000/5200 chiller, 7L
AutoFocus Included
Red Dot Positioning Beam combiner
Control Panel Keypad & LCD display
Compatible operating systems Windows & Mac
Co2 Glass Tube 80W~150W, RECI 75W~150W
RF Metal Tube RF Tube 30W(air cooling), 40W~100W (water cooled) Davi Laser, 40W~100W Iradion made in USA (Available in NEW NOVAs)
Ceramic Tube 40-100W Iradion made in the USA