If you are considering the purchase of a laser engraver but aren’t quite sure about what the machine is or how it works, you wouldn’t be the first. Though it might seem intimidating at first, laser engraving machines are easy and straightforward to use and you don’t have to know the intricacies of how it works to use one effectively.

At Aeon Laser Canada, we are committed to helping our customers find a high-quality laser engraving machine that perfectly suits the demands of their businesses. In this post, we outline the basics of how a laser Co2 laser engraver works and help you feel more informed about the machine you intend to use. When looking for laser engravers for sale near me, we are your top choice and can help you use your laser engraver effectively.

What is a Co2 Laser Engraver?

A CO2 laser engraver is a type of engraving machine that uses a carbon dioxide gas laser to cut and etch into various materials. Laser engravers are powerful tools that can cut and engrave a wide variety of materials, including acrylic, wood, paper, leather, and other material types. There are countless applications for laser engraving machines, and owning one can help you to unlock your creativity and boost the productivity of your small or home-based business.

See What Materials Can I Cut or Engrave, for more information on what types of materials can be used with a Co2 laser engraving machine.

How Does Laser Engraving Work?

If you’re wanting to learn more about how laser engraving works, the process is relatively simple. Co2 laser engravers operate by electrically stimulating a tube filled with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium gas mixture, producing an infrared light beam that is focused onto the material, breaking down its matter. This results in precise and clean engravings and cuts.

Using a Co2 laser engraver is straightforward and, with a bit of learning and practice, can produce excellent results. For more information on how to use a laser engraver, see our post, How to Use a Laser Engraver: Your Quick Guide to Getting Started with Laser Engraving.

What Can I Make with a Laser Engraving Machine?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating with a laser engraver. Some of the most popular applications for a laser engraving machine include laser engraved Yeti® mugs, laser engraved signs, and laser engraved mugs.

If you are considering the purchase of a laser engraver, know that it can be a valuable tool that can boost the productivity and capabilities of your small or home-based business. Contact the experts at Aeon Laser Canada to learn more about what you can do with a laser engraver and find a laser that is perfect for your workspace and business needs.