Are you looking to expand your product offerings and are wondering, can you laser engrave on glass? You’ll be happy to know that, yes, you absolutely can. Engraving glass is possible when you have a laser engraver that is powerful enough to work with your chosen material. In this post, we answer all you’ll want to know about getting started with engraving glass.

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What Types of Laser Engravers Can Engrave Glass?

Laser engraving glass is one of the most common ways that individuals use their laser, and most lasers can accommodate laser etching or laser engraving of glass. If you are looking to upgrade from an introductory level laser and wonder what power laser to engrave glass is needed, you’ll be happy to know that all Aeon laser engraving machines can accommodate this task.

When it comes to choosing the right laser engraver for your needs, the type of materials you intend to work with, workshop size, and production requirements should all be considered. If you are looking to work with glass cups or tumblers, a rotary attachment will be needed. Contact a member of our team for help with selecting the best laser engraver for your needs.

How to Laser Engrave on Glass

When learning how to engrave glass with CO2 laser, you’ll first need to consider the type of project and material type you intend to work with. Once you have a clear idea of what you’d like to do, engraving glass is much the same as engraving any other material type. Remember that a rotary attachment will be needed if you are working with cylindrical materials.

To laser engrave glass, you’ll need to choose the design you wish to engrave in the glass and import it into the laser engraver software. Next, you’ll prep the material by cleaning it and removing any dust or fingerprints. To complete the engraving process, you’ll need to set your laser to the appropriate setting and allow the machine to do its job. Once your project is complete, gently clean away any debris and enjoy the finished product.

Can You Laser Engrave Tempered Glass?

When asking the question, can your laser engrave glass, you might wonder if all types of glass can be engraved. All types of glass can be engraved, though it is important to keep in mind that tempered glass could be more susceptible to shattering. Learning how to work with different material types can take practice. Always use protective gear when working with glass materials, and know that achieving your desired result can take trial and error.

When looking for a laser engraver for glass, you can feel confident that an Aeon laser engraver is a smart choice. Contact the experts at Aeon Laser Canada today and let us deliver more value with the purchase of your CNC laser engraver.